A Sam Walker House Concert ?

House concerts are private shows organised directly between the house/space owner and me. I love to play in unexpected spaces and peoples homes. This is where magic stuff happens. I regularly play house shows across the world.

Please Get in touch at samwalkermusic@gmail.com if you are interested in putting an event on.

Here’s how it works

Its extremely uncomplicated.

I will turn up at your place at the agreed time on the agreed day and set up in the best spot for the show. All I need from you is a power point. I have all the necessary equipment.
I will play for at least an hour and a half (2×45 minute sets with a break in the middle, or one long set depending on your preference).
I am totally adaptable volume wise and can go down to pretty much acoustic or a rocking dance party if that’s your thing and if the space (and your neighbours) allow. I’m also open to afternoon shows if that works better for you

I do ask a guaranteed fee for the house concert, Which varies slightly depending on where you live and distance to travel etc. It will be around 250GBP
There are two ways of covering this guarantee or at least making back some of it:

1. Passing a hat/box around the room after the concert. I will split this collection 70 percent to you and 30 percent to me. This way you hopefully might make back some of the 250 fee and I might make a little extra. (This is the option I would advise as in my experience it tends to work quite well for all concerned and keeps the whole thing more relaxed)
2. Charging people a ticket price for the house concert (25 people paying 10 quid each)

I will also have Cd’s and merchandise for sale if people want it.

Asking people to BYO booze and snacks is a good one to keep costs down for you. But i’ll leave it up to you how you want to host it. Its your house and I am honoured to be invited to play in it!

If you’re interested just get in touch at samwalkermusic@gmail.com


Sam x